Makarska apartments

Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera is one of the most beautiful Croatian tourist destinations. It is located between Split and Dubrovnik. The capital and the center of Makarska Riviera is town Makarska. The town of Makarska is located at the foot of a mountain Biokovo. Across the street is the island of Brac and Hvar. The largest number of Makarska apartments is located in private accommodation Makarska Riviera. Private accommodation Makarska Riviera consists of Makarska apartments, CROATIA VILLA WITH POOL Makarskaand holiday houses Makarska. Makarska is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Croatia coast, attractive for its nature and climate, rich in tourist attractions and friendly hosts.

Makarska apartments - accommodation Makarska Riviera

Makarska apartments

Accommodation Makarska

Makarska has around 2500 in the hotel and around 10,000 beds in Makarska private accommodation. The quality of Makarska tourism witnessed numerous tourism awards, but also valuable for tourism professionals who year after year are working to improve the tourist offer.
In the last few years largely invested in improving standards, particularly accommodations. Promajna offers you cheap apartments Makarska and apartments on the beach Makarska. Accommodation Makarska you can book hotels in Makarska. In addition to Makarska on the Riviera there are many other cities.


One of the most beautiful places in Makarska Riviera is Promajna. Located 4 km from Baska Voda, in the heart of Dalmatia along the Adriatic coast, is Promajna. This little place will captivate you with its long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters.

Makarska apartments - accommodation Makarska Riviera

Accommodation Makarska Riviera

Private accommodation

Its sunny beaches are the perfect place for a quiet and pleasant holiday and leisure to the sound of crickets in the background, and with all this, and a view of the beautiful blue sky. Private accommodation Promajna offers a large selection of apartments Promajna, villas with swimming pool Promajna and holiday homes Promajna. Cheap apartments Promajna and 400 meters from the beach and LUXURY VILLAS CROATIA in Promajna. Baska Voda, a former village of farmers and fishermen, traders and seafarers, valuable work was made into a modern town with all characteristics of a small Mediterranean town.

The town of Baska Voda

Baska Voda is known for its beach Punta Rata is one of the jewels of Croatian tourism. Apartments in Baska voda and villas with swimming pool Baska Voda. Special offer for accommodation with houses Baska Voda. We also offer apartments on the beach Baska Voda and cheap apartments Baska Voda. Immediately to Baska Voda there are Brela. Place Brela make several small villages and tourist resorts in the wooded coves along the beautiful sandy beach, and a few older settlements on the wooded slopes of the Biokovo slopes.


Place Brela is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia. Accommodation Brela is divided into private accommodation Brela Hotels Brela. Brela private accommodation in Brela apartments, villas with swimming pool Brela and holiday houses Brela. Apartments on the beach and Brela cheap apartments. Between Promajna and Makarska there are two small towns.

Bratus and Krvavica

These are Bratus and Krvavica. Accommodation offered in Bratus Bratus apartments and private accommodation and apartments and private accommodation Krvavica. After Makarska in the direction of Dubrovnik there are Tucepi, Podgora, Drasnice, Igrane, Živogošće and Gradac. Tucepi is a peaceful little village with lots of hotels Tucepi. Known for having the longest beach on the Makarska Riviera (3 km) along which there is a beautiful walk in a pine alley, Tučepi is a modern tourist resort at the foot of the magnificent Biokovo.

Makarska apartments - accommodation Makarska Riviera

Makarska apartments – accommodation Makarska Riviera

Tucepi and Podgora

Marina, soccer field, tennis center and numerous catering facilities contribute to its wide variety of Tučepi year receive prestigious awards. It is also a large number of apartments in private accommodation Tucepi Tucepi and villas with swimming pool Tucepi. There are also houses Tucepi, cheap apartments Tucepi and apartments on the beach in Tucepi. Right behind Tucepi is a place Podgora. In the heart of Dalmatia, in environmentally the cleanest part of the clearest sea in the world lies Podgora – the Croatian Adriatic Princess. Podgora Podgora offers accommodation in private accommodation Podgora, Podgora apartments and villas and houses with pool Podgora. Apartments near the beach and cheap apartments Podgora just one of our.