Essential Oils in Natural Cosmetics

How we use Base Oils in Natural Cosmetics

Base oils differ in their properties and effects. These are fatty oils that nourish and nourish the skin. They also serve as carriers of essential oils that dissolve easily in them. Their use in daily body care was quite common. Natural cosmetics would not be possible without the use of them. What exactly is a base oil? What are they for and how can they be useful?

Base oils are most commonly obtained from the seeds or fruits of plants. It is greasy and non-volatile. The highest quality are obtained by gradual cold dough. Cold pressed and unrefined contain unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

They are different in their composition, action and rate of absorption into the skin. Also they differ in availability, viscosity and prices. They are used for daily skin care and can also be used in medications for certain problems. These are skin diseases like psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema, dermatitis and the like. Both dermal and oral they are used for therapy. Since they are absorbed into our body when applied to the skin, it is important that they are of good quality. That means only one thing and that is that they are cold pressed and unrefined

Stability Of Vegetable Oils

It, like everything in nature, has its own news of duration. Base oils are easily perishable, so it is recommended to buy them in small quantities. If they have passed the deadline will be most easily recognized by the smell of rancidity. How long an oil will last is affected by several factors. The most important are the methods of storage and the amount of fatty acids that contain a certain oil. They lose value if exposed to air, heat, water and light. The appearance of the smell of rancidity is also possible. If the oil is exposed to air it can last for a maximum of half a year.

They are best stored in dark glass bottles, in a cool, dark place. Unlike essential, which are stored exclusively in glass bottles, base oils can also be stored in plastic. It is desirable that there is as little air as possible in the bottle above the oil. When it comes to using them in aromatherapy it is advisable to keep them in several smaller bottles and the next one opened only when previously consumed.

The stability of base oils depends on the amount, type and mutual ratio of essential fatty acids in their composition. Those that are rich in saturated fatty acids seem very stable. Those that are with different contents of unsaturated fatty acids have less stable oils.

Base Oils, Essential Oils And Natural Cosmetics

Base oils are carriers of essential. That is, essential oils are diluted in base oils. The difference between essential and base oils is that base oils are greasy and non-volatile. For aromatherapy, it is important that the essential oils are diluted in vegetable and not in mineral oils.

Mineral oils and petrolatum are by-products of oil refining and are not of organic origin. That is why they are not used in aromatherapy. Due to their low price, mineral oils are used in some preparations. Natural cosmetics as well as aromatherapy do not recommend the use of mineral oils.

The reason is that they clog pores, prevent the skin from breathing and prevent the absorption of essential oils. They also prevent the excretion of sweat and waste products from the body. Mineral oils often cause acne and skin rashes. Vegetable oils used in aromatherapy and in natural cosmetics in general must be produced by cold pressing. No additives or stabilizers may be added.

The food industry also uses the same these oils only the difference is that high temperature pressing is used. In this way, a larger quantity but lower quality is obtained. Therefore, oils obtained by cold pressing produce in smaller quantities and are significantly more expensive.

The choice of oils used as a base is large. It depends on the region. Each region has its own sources of characteristic oilseeds from whose seeds or nuts base oils are produced. In our country, the most common are sunflower, olive and almond. In addition, they also use oil obtained from apricot kernels, grape seed oil, avocado oil, jojoba, hazelnut, macadamia, borage, wheat germ, evening primrose, wild rose fruit, sesame, etc.

Types Of Base Oils

Essential non-volatile oils
These oils are lighter and not too viscous with a faint odor. They can be applied to the face and body, with or without the addition of essential oils.

These are these oils: almond oil, grape seed oil and peach seed oil.

Specialized non-volatile oils
Specialized non-volatile oils are usually dark. These are much more viscous oils than the base ones. They need to be used in smaller quantities. They are mixed with lighter base oils.

These are: avocado oil, jojoba and wheat germ.

These are plant extracts that due to their mode of production have therapeutic properties. They are obtained by immersing medicinal plants in oil. After some time, the oil extracts the healing properties of the plant. They are good for the skin. It is possible to add them in small amounts to mixtures or to apply to the skin without additives. by immersing medicinal plants in oil.

Essential oils ( Eterična Ulja)

Essential oils ( Eterična ulja ) have their roots in ancient beauty rituals. Regardless, their popularity continues to grow. Especially for those looking for natural skin care ingredients. They are made from parts of certain plants such as leaves, bark and seeds… etc. Essential oils ( Eterična ulja ) are volatile and are obtained by distillation or cold pressing from the leaves, bark, roots and other aromatic parts of the plant. Many essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin, but it is important to dilute them in base oils such as olive or coconut oil so that they can be used safely.

Most essential oils are not applied directly to the skin. Essential oils ( Eterična ulja) are mixed with base oils in different proportions, depending on the purpose and type of preparation. Such a mixture allows us to safely get the best of essential oils. Base oils are only needed when applying essential oils to the skin. When we inhale them, it is not necessary to dilute the essential oils. Manufacturers use different methods to concentrate them in oils.

Immortella-Mediterranean beauty is inspired by the nature and beauty of the Mediterranean. Every ingredient is precious, and every product is made so that you feel satisfied using it. The symbol of the brand is immortelle, which constantly indicates its strength and quality. It grows from a rock, and its flowers never wither. Immortella natural cosmetics based on immortelle essential oil presents:

Body Lotion ( Losion za Tijelo )

Applying body lotion ( losion za tijelo ) seems like an easy step in your body care routine. But it is never bad to study a few instructions to make sure you treat your skin in the best way.

First of all, find yourself a quality skin product formulated for your skin type. Immortela body lotion is primarily for those with dry skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily, combination or sensitive Immortella body lotion is a good friend.

When applying a body ( losion za tijelo ), at least once a day, treat yourself to a complete treatment for moist, healthy skin. Many people apply the lotion daily on completely dry and cold skin. This is the biggest mistake and will not give you the best results. Immortel body lotion ( losion za tijelo ) be applied immediately after showering. The reason is that your skin should be warm and not completely dry. This way your skin is ready for maximum absorption.


Face Serum ( Serum za Lice )

Face serums ( serum za lice )are light moisturizers that penetrate deeper to bring the active ingredients into your skin. The serum can be applied in the morning, at night or both. For those with softer skin, the face serum can be applied to the layer under the morning and / or night moisturizer.

Intensively nourishes the skin, but does not leave it oily. A rich combination of vegetable oils of wild rose, jojoba, evening primrose, olive and apricot. Immortella face serum is enriched with CO2 pomegranate extract and immortelle and geranium essential oils. Restores skin radiance, evens out complexion, restores and acts on visible signs of skin aging. The skin is firmed, nourished and rejuvenated.

For all skin types, especially for dry and skin with visible wrinkles. It is important to apply the face serum ( serum za lice ) on cleansed skin of the face and neck. If you have a chronic skin condition, such as eczema or rosacea, serums can cause worsening. Serums are the best choice of many skin care professionals. It works better on my oily skin and has all the necessary ingredients.

Serums ( serum za lice ) are also the most expensive product in many skin care lines. But if applied correctly, facial serums can last quite a long time.

Body Oil ( Ulje za Tijelo )

Whatever the time of year, keeping your skin properly hydrated can be a difficult task. Lack of moisture and cold air in winter causes your skin to dry out. In summer, by exposing yourself to the sun, your skin needs more hydration to keep it moist. When thinking about the best way to hydrate your skin, think of a body lotion first. An alternative to body lotions is body oil. Body oil offers the perfect way to keep skin moist. They actually improve the quality of your skin as it is quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin to leave it moist all day long.

( Ulje za Tijelo ) Body oils are a smooth, thick and highly concentrated liquid that is usually clear in color and improves the appearance and quality of your skin. The best body oils are organic. These are body oils ( Ulje za Tijelo ) chemicals and additives. Immortella’s fast-absorbing anti-age body oil for velvety soft skin every day. The combination of vitamin E and argan oil, wild rose and immortelle deeply hydrates your skin. It soothes your skin and makes it firm and silky. Perfect revitalization enriched with the scents of essential oils of rosewood and immortelle. For mature and dry skin. ( Ulje za Tijelo )

Face Cream ( Serum za Lice )

To apply face cream ( serum za lice ), you must first wash your face well. This will get rid of sweat, dirt, makeup and other things. The face cream will then be able to penetrate your pores more easily and work. Before applying the face cream, it is not bad to use a gentle facial cleanser to wash it off properly. Face cream should always be applied to damp skin. If your face is completely dry, the face cream ( serum za lice ) not work best. Creams can better retain moisture when applied to damp skin. The best way to apply face cream is to use small amounts. More cream does not mean better effect. It takes a long time to rub the cream on the face.

The best way to apply face ( serum za lice ) is to apply small spots all over your face and then smear it. Immortella Deep Cream nourishes and nourishes the skin with argan, jojoba and evening primrose vegetable oils. Red algae gel restores elasticity. Immortelle essential oil as the main active substance acts on skin regeneration. A formulation that acts on the visible signs of skin aging. The skin is firm, rejuvenated and radiant.